The goal of this topic is to list out know parts for easy access and making sure your aware of what is known to the community to be a legitimate option for use on your electric skateboard build. Some parts are better than others, price is usually a good indication of quality (but not always). Below are parts gathered from users selling on this forum, and some third party.
•  6355 190kv maytech
•  6372 190kv maytech
•  6355 230kv maytech
•  5065 170kv maytech
•  6374 230kv maytech
• Psycotiller’s 5065 270kv sensored
• Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 6364 213kv (and all 260kv or less)
• Turnigy G160 (limited to 10s - optional choice, highly recommend SK3 if you can get it)
• NTM Prop Drive 5060 270Kv (and all similar low kv NTM Prop Drive)
• Tacon Big Foot 160 5335 245kv
• Tacon Big Foot 110 5325 295kv
• Maytech Motors MTO6365‐2xx‐G 10mm shaft (and all 270kv or less)
• NTM Prop Drive 5060 270Kv motor
Motor Mounts

• Psycotiller’s O.G Motor Mount
• Alien Drive Systems Motor Mount
• DIY’s Welded Motor Mount
• DIY’s Bolt on Motor Mount

• DIY’s 9mm 265t Belt
• RS Components 9mm x 255mm HTD 5M belt
Motor Pulley
• 12mm 15t Pulley
• 9mm 13t Pulley
• 9mm 14t Pulley
•  9mm 15t Pulley
• DIY’s 9mm/15mm 12t Pulley
• DIY’s 9mm/15mm 14t Pulley
• DIY’s 9mm/15mm 16t Pulley
Drive Hub
• Enertion’s 12mm 36t Drive Hub
• Enertion’s 9mm 36t Drive Hub
• DIY’s 44t (ABEC)
• DIY’s 9mm 36t Drive Hub (ABEC)
• DIY’s 9mm 36t Drive Hub (Kegel)
Hub Motors
• Carvon Dual Hub Motors
• Carvon Single Hub Motor
• Hummie’s in-wheel Hub Motor
• Jacobbloy’s Hub Motor
• Caliber II Trucks
• Paris Trucks
• DIY’s trucks (Caliber Clones)
• Enertion’s trucks (Caliber Clones)
Wheels (Recommended to get plastic spoked wheels above 80mm)
• ABEC11 90mm Fly Wheels
• ABEC11 97mm Fly Wheels
• ABEC11 107mm Fly Wheels
• Kegel 80mm Wheels
• Enterion’s 83mm Wheels (fly wheel clones)
• DIY’s 83mm Wheels (fly wheel clones)
• DIY’s 90mm Wheels (fly wheel clones)
• Seismic Speed Vents 85mm Wheels
• XT Wheelz Off Road Wheels
Wheels (pneumatic/hubs)
• Skikie 125mm Wheels
• MBS Rockstar Pro Hubs
• Psychotiller’s Billet Hubs
• DIY’s Long Board Bearings
• Enertion’s ABEC 9 Bearings
• Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings (by far the more expensive, but least friction and longest life)
• Bones Super Swiss
• Bones Reds / Bones Super Reds (cheap and cost effective)
• Bones Super Reds Ceramic
• Psycotiller’s Winning Mini Thumb Stick Controller
• Psycotiller’s Trigger Mini Controller
• Enertion’s Thumb Stick Controller
• DIY’s Trigger Mini Controller
• Hobbyking’s G2TB Controller
• Nyko Kama Wii Nunchuck Controller
• Enertion Carbon Fiber Deck
• Long Haired Boy’s deck (without enclosure)
• DIY’s ABS Enclosure
• DIY’s Aluminum Enclosure
• Psycotiller’s Custom Enclosure
• Psycotiller’s 405 22"/24" Enclosure
• Psycotiller’s 19.5" Split Sym Enclosure
• Psycotiller’s Flagship Enclosure
• Psycotiller’s 25" Monolith Low Pro Enclosure
• Enertion’s Space Cell Enclosure
• RunPlayBack’s Sulaco v1 Enclosure
• Aliendrive ABS Enclosure
Batteries (pre-assembled)
• Enertion’s SPACE cell 10s3p lion Battery
• Enertion’s SPACE cell pro 10s3p lion Battery
• Enertion’s SPACE cell pro 10s4p lion Battery
• DIY’s 10s3p lion Battery
• DIY’s 12s3p lion Battery
• Zippy 6s 8000 mAh lipo
Batteries (single cell)
• LG HE2 18650 Lion Cell
• LG HE4 18650 Lion Cell
• LG HG2 18650 Lion Cell
• SAMSUNG 18650 25R Lion Cell
• A123 26650 LiFePO4 Cell
Electronic Speed Controllers
• VESC 50a 12s
• DIY’s 120a 12s
• FVT 120a 6s
• FVT 180a 6s
• Psycotiller’s The Sleeping Lion “Winchester” 120a 12s
• Castle Mamba Monster2 6s
• Castle XL2 8s
• Hobywing EzRun MAX8 6s
• Hobywing EzRun MAX5 200a 8s
• Hobywing EzRun MAX6 160a 8s
• Hobbywing XeRun XR8 Plus 6s